Bound and Edged Forever

[This is a “Vintage Madeline” scene, filmed years ago.  This one is filmed in HD]

Madeline is wearing sexy lingerie with fishnet thigh highs while she ties up a slave in her bed.  She’s about to drive him insane.

She takes her time with the ropes, tying him up beautifully.  When she turns her slave around and lays him on his back after 6 minutes of bondage his cock is already hard.  She leaves him tied up in bed with a raging hard on.  He struggles but cannot get loose to touch his own hard cock.  

Madeline returns with ice cold water in a glass to drip on his hard cock.  She teases his cock with her hand and laughs when it twitches every time she stops.  She leaves him again to struggle with blue balls…

Madeline returns again with lube.  She edges her slave over and over, melting his brain.  She strokes him slow and fast, but stops just before he cums each time.