Full Balls For Stepmom

Will Havoc is in his living room, stealing a cigarette from his hot Stepmom when she catches him. She sits next to him and rubs her legs against him. Will is clearly turned on by his hot stepmom. She knows it. She’s counting on him being a little perv…

She pulls out some leather cuffs and restrains him. Instantly he has a raging boner, which she grabs and scolds him for. She blows smoke on his cock and laughs in his face.

“Now get down on your knees…”

She makes her stepson try to stroke his cock with his restraints on. She puts her foot in his face and makes him take off her high heels with his mouth. Madeline teases his raging hard cock with her feet, then makes him lick them.

Madeline continues to bring him to the edge of cumming with her bare feet, then denies his release. “Don’t you love that your Stepmom is a dominatrix?” She tells him they will be playing a lot while Daddy is at work.

She proceeds to stroke his cock with her feet until he’s about to explode over and over. His evil Stepmom is making sure his balls are as full as possible. She leaves him with her high heel shoe on his face, ordering him to keep smelling it, but not to play with his dick while she’s gone.

Later on, Madeline has her Stepson, Will, standing at attention in front of her with no pants. It’s time for a spanking. She puts him over her knee, pulls his cock through his legs and strokes it while she spanks the fuck out of him.

“You’re a bad boy aren’t you?”

“Yes Mommy!”

After a VERY thorough spanking, she gets an anal hook. “This is my insurance that Mommy’s pussy is getting licked right…”

Madeline puts the anal hook in her Stepson’s ass while she strokes his cock, then pulls on it while he licks her pussy. She gives him orders on how to lick, and pulls on the anal hook rope to make him do what she wants.